Faith at St. Raphael

St. Raphael School is not only a place of learning; it is also a faith community. Students and staff participate in a variety of rich experiences that help them to grow in their relationships with God and with others.

Faith Day

We have developed an annual tradition of celebrating our Catholic faith on a special day during Catholic Education Week. Activities are designed to encourage students to explore their faith through Scripture study, reflection and interaction with other children in their school community. Past Faith Days have included themes such as Aboriginal Education, Anti-Bullying and Promoting Peace.

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St. Raphael School students and staff pray together on a daily basis. Students take turns sharing biblical passages, information about Catholic saints and formal prayers over the school P.A. system. Individual classes also have their own ways of sharing special intentions, preparing for sacraments, learning Catholic teachings and celebrating special days in the Church calendar.


Each year, students at St. Raphael School collect everything from money to canned goods to school supplies in an effort to help those less fortunate. We work with local charitable organizations (i.e. Sudbury Food Bank) and community partners (i.e. EZ Rock) to show our solidarity with people in need and help students develop an appreciation for our many blessings. Annual charitable events include the Terry Fox Run/Walk, the Fall Canned Food Drive, Lenten Collection for _____, and Christmas Food Baskets in partnership with St. Charles College.

Religious Celebrations

St. Raphael School is part of the St. Andrew the Apostle Parish. Students, their families and staff are invited to participate in celebrations of the Eucharist at the church. We visit the church to share in this important part of our faith with parishioners of St. Andrew the Apostle. We have also participated in the mass in our school gym with Bishops of the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie. In addition to the Eucharist,
students have the opportunity to prepare for and celebrate holy days as a school community.